Refered to a woman´s vagina seen through her pants.
That hos gotta big-ass ninja-foot
by Al Bravo May 19, 2006
Top Definition
The effect produced by a woman's tight clothes conforming to the shape of her vulva. Often seen in bathing suits, or other spandex-like form fitting clothing. Named for the phenomenon's visual resemblance to the stockinged foot of a ninja wearing sandals.

See also: camel toe
by Ninja Bob June 20, 2003
crotch cleavage, esp. on a woman. The outer lips of female genitalia visible through tight clothing.
Oh man, I know you saw that honey in the bathing suit with the ninja foot.
by Your Mother's Lover October 06, 2002
Camel Toe on an Asian Female.
Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa had a serious case of Ninja Foot on the episode of Family Guy last night.
by Mah Frend Audrah! May 26, 2009
the foot that catches or otherwise breaks the fall of something fragile from a high enough distance up a to break it. Cabinets, countertops, refridgerators, etc.
Person 1: Oh no your wine glass is falling!

Person 2: Quick use your ninja foot!

Person 1: Ok

Person 2: way to go man but you were buyin it if you broke it
by SilkyJay March 13, 2011
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