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In an MMORPG, the act of stealing treasure chests or other valuables by waiting for another player to engage any nearby aggro mobs and then ganking it.
"Dammit! That fucktard ganked my chest! I hate fucking ninja looters!"
by Fernando February 26, 2005
The act of looting an item off a monster that you or your party has recently killed before anyone else has a chance.
Scree is king of the ninja loot'ers.
by Oberon March 31, 2003
1: To steathilty steal something 2: To take with out the other person noticing 3: To sneak in and steal a game item after someone else killed the monster
1."Where's my pepsi stash? I've been ninjalooted!?!"
2."OMFG! that gamer1234 just ninjalooted the shadow-saber!"
by sherbet April 08, 2006
To pick up an item although you cannot use it or don't need it.
*You recieve loot: Mega Uber Item*
*You recieve loot: Mega Uber Item 2*
*You recieve loot: Mega Uber Item 3*

RandomGuy: FU Ninjalooter!11 omfg wtf?1+ im gunna repotr u n wriet on teh forums!11 umg nublet!1
by Nurf June 05, 2005