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1: a wanker, dick, gimp etc
2: someone who says, or does something retarded
3: a person who says ning nong
after accepting a bet (of $5) to smoke a pubic hair bong
"OMG WTF that guy is such a fucking ning nong"

by im the best August 03, 2006
A ning-nong, frequently abbreviated to nong, is someone who has done something stupid or clumsy and has caused a nuisance to others. Although it is can be an insult, it is often used affectionately, especially by Australians.
"Ah Charlie, you're such a ning-nong!" (in reply to a deliberately weak joke.)

Why did you go and invite that ning-nong to our barbecue? He's embarrassing all our guests!

"Stop being such a ning-nong, will you? You're upsetting your sister!
by Pro-love Girl February 18, 2011
someone who has stuffed up
geesh your such a ning-nong bruce for sticking you head in the fire
by A_Chair_In_Hell January 21, 2004
Sexy Beast.
Louna is a ning nong.

Stuart is a ning nong
by SeekBromance112 May 07, 2011
Fucking ass
Your a Ning Nong hole
by nikki conroy October 24, 2003
Person of asian origin.
Naweed Khaliq.
by Racist Scum September 25, 2003

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