a 9 mm handgun
"one named mac, one named nina, they hit you make u do the macarena" - lil wayne
by dat du April 23, 2009
Kick-butt arab whos very dancey and artistic... usually has bad taste when it comes to boys, but shes very modest, has a great personality, and quite tall... also bangladeshian haha
guy 1" Have you seen Nina today?"
guy 2" Yes, i heard shes dating that loser jim again"
by Jimmy Dean the second November 05, 2011
A psycho bitch that claims everyone is her "sloppy seconds." Fucks every guy she can find. more two-faced than a penny, and backstabs her best friend regularly. Claims whoever is nice to her is obsessed with her. Flaunts how affluent she is thinking that it will make her popular. mainstream kid. Everyone hates her and hopes she transfers to another school. oh yeah, STAY CLASSY BITCHES.
nina:Look at that fat bitch over there.
bystander: isnt that your best friend?
nina:yeah, but i hate her.
bystander: you dont deserve friends you treat everyone like shit.
nina:take a spoonful of class, bitch.

nina:now that we've fucked, i dont want you anymore.
guy:umm okayy..
nina:lets just be "good friends"

bystander:doesnt your friend like him? how could you do that to her!
nina:look at my face. how many fucks do you think i give?
bystander:youre cold blooded.
nina:oh im so hurt. excuse me while i go spend $1,000 of my daddys money at woodfield(large mall).
bystander:you deserve to be hit.
by the reality checker April 28, 2013
To suddenly drop a utensil, food item, or both while lifting it to the mouth. Usually followed by an attempt to become invisible on the part of the one that "pulled a Nina" and cascades of laughter on the part of spectators.
Evan: Wow, Haley's cherry tomato is hanging precariously on her fork.
Chris: Oh dear! She's barely holding on to her fork. She will surely pull a Nina in the near future.
by PP & KK February 15, 2009
A gigantic vortex with a face in front of it, powerful enough to break the mirror in Harry Potter.
I'm being sucked into the Nina!
by ergserg October 08, 2008
finds pleasure in shoving bananas up their butt and sending pictures of it to people. and also scratches and sniffs.
by alllllllllyyyx33 March 02, 2010
An easy girl that often crys herself to sleep over boys she can't get.
That girl Rachel Smile is such a Nina!
by notworthit July 24, 2009

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