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Beautiful. Also known as El Nino. The girl that walks into a room and everyone stops and stares cos she is so gorgeous. incredible smile. amazing figure. deepest, softest brown eyes. a beautiful storm.
Name the hottest girl in the world?

Answer - Nina!
by big iz July 27, 2010
236 252
A very smart girl. Typically in tenth grade HONORS english.
nina, you're so smart. please help me with my english homework
by camillikinz June 07, 2010
95 111
1) Nickname of Antonina.
2) An Italian mafia princess whose dream is to find Nemo.
3) A girl who loves theater, HARRY POTTER, Panic!At the Disco, West Side Story, Hindi movies, swimming, and sweet tea. A Nina is very pretty and smart, so she always has boys chasing after her.
4) all of the above
"Three guys asked you out in one day? You are such a Nina!" or "Your Panic!At the Disco layout is so Nina!"
by <3 Sweety September 13, 2006
182 198
An awesome name, comes from the word Ninja, who is a master of the art of Ninjutsu. Whoever has this name is especially awesome, aswell as being the nicest person ever.
Girl-"Hi im nina!"
Guy-" I hate you."
Girl *Kicks teeth out*
by Dave!Yognaught1 March 13, 2013
5 22
A nicer and funnier person (with lame jokes) who doesn't have much problems saying the word 'no'. A hard-core RPG gamer with a preference for ... Commander Shepard?, and doesn't really care about losing... except when it comes to her boyfriend. Not very Athletic but (voluptuously) fit. A greater girlfriend, who knows how to make things... anytime.
Damn she's hot. She's like a... Nina.
by N4WW4FV2 October 22, 2012
8 25
Most beautiful girl on this world. <3 N
Your name is Nina.
by Nedapro July 02, 2012
16 33
A tall, thin, beautiful girl, with an incredible smile. The only girl I know who is actually pretty when she cries.

Nina, what a beautiful name, it's means everything to me now that I know her for more than five years.
When I see her, I FLY high.
Cause she's beautiful, it's true.
Oh, Nina, the sensible girl who makes everyone smile. Just when they look in her beautiful eyes?
Yeah, I see!
by Bei_jing October 25, 2011
35 52