Beautiful. Also known as El Nino. The girl that walks into a room and everyone stops and stares cos she is so gorgeous. incredible smile. amazing figure. deepest, softest brown eyes. a beautiful storm.
Name the hottest girl in the world?

Answer - Nina!
by big iz July 27, 2010
Most beautiful girl on this world. <3 N
Your name is Nina.
by Nedapro July 02, 2012
An awesome name, comes from the word Ninja, who is a master of the art of Ninjutsu. Whoever has this name is especially awesome, aswell as being the nicest person ever.
Girl-"Hi im nina!"
Guy-" I hate you."
Girl *Kicks teeth out*
by Dave!Yognaught1 March 13, 2013
A very smart girl. Typically in tenth grade HONORS english.
nina, you're so smart. please help me with my english homework
by camillikinz June 07, 2010
A beautiful girl with curly hair. She's super-duper skinny and gorgeous.
DAMN that Nina is hot!!!!

Jonathan- I love that damn fine Nina.
Roman- Jonathan, that Nina dumped you and she always loved me.
Jonathan- shut up.
by xjaderosex April 03, 2011
small hobbit like creature with hairy feet. Likes to frequent pubs in mullingar and drink copious amounts of cider. also talks like a slightly retarded dwarf similar to gimli out of lord of the rings. Survives on a stable diet of toast aqnd nack boxes, also resembles jake tucker with an upside down head.
ni-na drank himself stupid and pissed in his nack box
by guttermunter September 24, 2010
One of the prettiest girls i know. A new shade of white. Shes funny as shit, and can get along with anyone. Her best friends are Mike and Alex. And shes NOT a whore. <3
"Get a tan, or else your gonna be like NINA!" (:
by WHOREEE69 June 07, 2010

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