A really nice, funny, bubbly girl. She knows how to make everyone smile and makes friends really easily. :)
I love that girl over there. She's SOOO Nina! :)
by jslsjrgjnjlm July 21, 2011
girl in spanish. One of the more common spanish terms.
La niña y la niño corre. (the girl and the boy run)
by BlueberryBear May 27, 2015
A hyper, joyful friend who is attracted to anything Or anyONE cute. She loves helping people but will have a ferocious side too. IN other words, nina is a pretty awesome friend to have around.
by lindseywoo August 16, 2012
A nine millimeter gun.
Who's the boss get tossed have you seen her. My Nina, she's catching a misdemeanor." - MC EIHT "Automatic
by FlyAway July 18, 2011
An amazing girl that has stolen my heart. She is beautiful, smart, funny and kind.
Nina Rowe
by Leny Lenson November 20, 2010
A tall, thin, beautiful girl, with an incredible smile. The only girl I know who is actually pretty when she cries.

Nina, what a beautiful name, it's means everything to me now that I know her for more than five years.
When I see her, I FLY high.
Cause she's beautiful, it's true.
Oh, Nina, the sensible girl who makes everyone smile. Just when they look in her beautiful eyes?
Yeah, I see!
by Bei_jing October 25, 2011
1) Nickname of Antonina.
2) An Italian mafia princess whose dream is to find Nemo.
3) A girl who loves theater, HARRY POTTER, Panic!At the Disco, West Side Story, Hindi movies, swimming, and sweet tea. A Nina is very pretty and smart, so she always has boys chasing after her.
4) all of the above
"Three guys asked you out in one day? You are such a Nina!" or "Your Panic!At the Disco layout is so Nina!"
by <3 Sweety September 13, 2006

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