Nina is the most beautiful person in the world. She has deep brown hair, normally very short like a boy's, and chocolatey brown eyes. You can never get tired of looking into her eyes. They captivate you from the moment you look at them. She has a lot of friends and they all adore her. Nina has had many boyfriends but none of them really ever loved her. She is waiting for the right guy to come along and sweep her off her feet. If you have a Nina, don't ever let her go. Be kind to her, because if you don't, she will leave, and never come back.
Guy 1 : "Nina is the most beautiful girl in the entire world."
Guy 2: "You got that right. You'd better treat her well."
by I am too beautiful to be named January 10, 2015
a cool down-to-earth girl that really knows how to shake those hips.
Party girl #1: Daaaaang, check out that girl in the sparkling blue dress breaking her hips on the dance floor, now that's a nina!

Party girl #1: her style is so down-to-earth!
by legs21 January 22, 2010
Cooler than Josh
Is that Nina? She's cooler than Josh
by Nhemmings February 11, 2015
One of the most beautiful, outgoing, funny, smart, and likeable girls you will ever meet. Every guy seems to love her, but she rejects almost everyone cuz shes still looking for someone special. She has the jerkiest ex bf in the world and has two of the best friends in the world, although they can sometimes be real buttheads. She is extreamly gorgous and down to earth, she is just really awesome. All the girls are super jealous and think that they either have to love her and be best friends with her, or they have to hate her out of jealousy, even though they really just love her. She also has loads of guy friends and she finds them loads less dramatic.
Person: "ohmygawd, look, its ninaaaa!"
All the boyss: "omg,look at her hair, i have to speak to her, she is so funny, i love her, but she is likely to reject me"
All the girls: "omg im so jealous of her, why is she so amazing, its not fair"
by evil mastermind April 08, 2012
marijuana, that loud pack, weed
"Riding around Smoking On That Niña"
by youngkushington June 14, 2013
Has the best ass in town! she's sweet and everyone loves her. she may be sassy but she knows how to work an outfit! Nina has 2 or 3 best friends that are always there for her. She has a jackass of an ex boyfriend and she's glad they broke up. She's really into this guy but won't tell anyone. Overall Ninas a pretty awesome bitch.
Hey Nina! You look cute today!
by Yo black bitch. December 05, 2011
A really nice, funny, bubbly girl. She knows how to make everyone smile and makes friends really easily. :)
I love that girl over there. She's SOOO Nina! :)
by jslsjrgjnjlm July 21, 2011

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