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A gorgeous young lady, who can't except to see how beautiful she is. You can't help but look at her and think she's amazing, and guys think she's sexy as fuck. She makes the most amazing friend in the world, who is always there for you, and can make you laugh no matter the circumstance. She's straight up with you, and isn't afraid to give you an honest opinion. Nina is the most genuine type of girl you'll find out there, and you wouldn't know what to do without her. Although, Nina can be really stupid sometimes but what can you do.
That girl is so hot, I can't believe she can't see it! What a Nina.
by LizJizzard October 03, 2012
43 39
Nine, as in nine millimeter handgun.
"I tuck two ninas on either side of my penis." - Eminem

"Nina, two ninas, a peice, they don't even see us..." - Eminem
by Jcet February 26, 2005
2146 1384
probably the coolest person alive. has two of the best friends in the whole world. and everyones jealous of her so they have to make up rumors to get ahead in the social standing at our school. has a jackass of an ex bf, and is happy they're not together anymore. in conclusion, shes pretty damn awesome.
We all love Nina because shes an extremely talented person
by unknown-aka: eri larson April 09, 2007
2580 1953
Gun. Specifially a nine mm.
"Cos I still got that nina and I still got that work" -transplants

"That's why I never leave the house without my nina" -coolio
by mary j August 01, 2005
1246 957
An absolutely beautiful girl with a heart of gold. Never miss out on the chance to get to know her- she just might change your life. A little hardheaded, but with the right guy, she can be completely open and take advice. In short, an amazing, beautiful girl.
"Soft sweet divine, raven haired she sits..."
"Hey, that's about Nina!"
by fawkes1911 March 18, 2013
471 219
The most beautiful and sweetest girl in the world .. and has a really nice ass..

and she roams the streets of malaysia!
damn dude... that Nina is hurting me .. in class i got so hard i lifted my table
by Dideah February 04, 2009
1292 1097
a beautiful wonderful creature.
- one who inspires a boyfriend to reach above and beyond for the two of them
look theres nina! i must go to her!
by i am a crab March 14, 2010
487 369
a very talkative girl who is always there for her friends and can give advice on any situation. her outgoing personality allows her to make friends easily. she is relatively on the short size (aka fun size) she is loving patient caring special good looking gal that will steal your heart away in an instant.

p.s : great kisser
- hey look that girl reminds me of nina!!!!
by cloudniner12 August 19, 2011
446 329