A racial slur for a white person.
That crazy nilla put his money into a low-load mutual fund.
by T-Bone May 22, 2003
upper class, hairy faced white kid that would do anything to act like he's black and lives in the ghetto.
Look at that Nilla, I would love to see him in the real ghetto
by Konvex July 08, 2010
A person who loves to have a whole day of gangsterness and somebody who participates in gangster-tivites. Pure whiteness
You know who you are NILLA!!!!
by Tyrell229 July 10, 2008
legendary modern warfare 2 player, pwns 11 year old fags with his intervention 360 quikie
Dude... we're in the same party as nilla!

Aw man, i just died from nilla.
by nilla140 June 08, 2010
Term used to indicate a good situation, person, thing, or idea.
"I just bought a nilla car."

"That was so nilla."

"Did you meet that nilla guy?"
by Lola A. August 18, 2006
This word was made by a~zone and salvie to promote the white ppl (ourselves) who r to black to be white and to white to be black so its not a wigger because you dont wanna be black you just are an uh-oh oreo, a snow cap (white on the outside and black on the inside) dont worry if you are a nilla this condition is quite normal theses daizz dont worry bout your fellow cracker friends who hate on you about such conditions .... being called a nilla is not bad and i would not take it as a racail slur ...same as the word cracker should not be taken in offense lol SO MAHHH!!!!!.
A~zone:Whats up my nilla?
Salvie:Nuttin home skillet biscut, you?

(haters in the back ground) White people: Damn crackers alwayz wanna be black
by A~zone and Salvie June 11, 2004
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