Short for VAnilla...the best ice cream flavor...ever.
Man...that 'nilla shake kicked ass.
by Steve June 02, 2003
The new word for homie, dawg, dude, bruh bruh, or nigga but vanilla version! Ultimate game changer, the word white rappers can use instead of nigga.

Pronunciation: N-ILL-a

Created by: Mic-Nasty 7/21/14 "Original Nilla"
Dequan: "Yo who's that white boy over there?"
John: "Oh you mean Mike?! Bro that's my Nilla!"
by Mic-Nasty July 23, 2014
White ni**a!

A white dude who has proven his worth in the streets with all his associates even his African-American dawgs.

Earned not given.
Guy: "Dang that I wanna be just like that ill Nilla Mic-Nasty!"
Homie: "Bruh, soon, you just gotta get more street cred. my nilla"
by Thee Mic-Nasty July 23, 2014
A term used to describe a white friend who is invariably gangsta.
Drawn from 'vanilla', with reference to a very similar term employed by rap artists and the like.
A: Wassup my nilla!

B: Waddup dawg, you cool?
by SamP.Weller August 09, 2010
a term of endearment used from one Caucasian to another; usually to avoid saying "Nigga" and being confronted by African-Americans.
"Yo, what's up mah Nilla?
by Caleco August 17, 2009
The word "Nilla" originates from the delicious Vanilla flavored cookie brand "Nilla wafers". Nilla started as a slang term for the beloved vanilla flavored shortbread but as widespread love for the vanilla flavor grew so did the use of the word Nilla. "Nilla" is now used very diversely but is most commonly used as word of endearment and camaraderie between friends. It should not be confused with the racially charged word "niller" (which is equally as offensive to Caucasians as the word "nigger" is to blacks), nilla has no racial or sexual connotations and can be used freely among any persons. Except Niggers.
Nilla1: "S'up nilla you will never guess what happened today. My mom let me eat a whole box of Nillas for breakfast!"
Nilla2: "Nilla, no way! I didn't know your mom was so nilla."
by Nilla-Justin March 26, 2008
Should really be 'nilla. Means "vanilla" in the sense "sexually unadventurous, esp. not into BDSM"
We used to have a really nilla sex-life till the day I read "The Story of O" and...
by Kbrad August 17, 2006

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