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This word was made by a~zone and salvie to promote the white ppl (ourselves) who r to black to be white and to white to be black so its not a wigger because you dont wanna be black you just are an uh-oh oreo, a snow cap (white on the outside and black on the inside) dont worry if you are a nilla this condition is quite normal theses daizz dont worry bout your fellow cracker friends who hate on you about such conditions .... being called a nilla is not bad and i would not take it as a racail slur ...same as the word cracker should not be taken in offense lol SO MAHHH!!!!!.
A~zone:Whats up my nilla?
Salvie:Nuttin home skillet biscut, you?

(haters in the back ground) White people: Damn crackers alwayz wanna be black
by A~zone and Salvie June 11, 2004
This word came about for a need to have a racial slur for white people that is as cool as nigger for black people. It does not imply the lameness of honkie or cracker. Instead, a nilla is a white kid, who is both a slave to the freaky ass booty and enjoys chillin with his boys. Note: Nilla's do not act black
You know you're my nilla, T Ric.
by Nilla April 18, 2005
What you call white friends and aquantinses, whom are tight as hell with any culture, race. In other words they are not a hater on other people. Non judgmental. Nillas do NOT act black, they are who they are. A cracker is somebody whom is stale salty and judgmental.
Opposed to a black male calling their other black friend or homie; they would say what up nigga. A white person (not necessarily acting black) would call they homies and say hey mynilla! get it?
by JAMIESON AND REN HEN January 19, 2008
A slang word used by white people to refer to each other. Similar to the way blacks use Nigga.
1- "What's up my Nilla?"
2- "Can a Nilla get a wafer?"
3- "Ya'll gotsta rememba that a Nilla is a delicious treat, not just another cracker!"
by Blotto98 November 24, 2008
White peoples form of Nigga, only to be used by Caucasian-American towards other Caucasian-americans. If used by a black person, said black person is a racist.
Luke- "Whats up my nilla?"
James-"Nuthin much bro"
Tybrone-"Hey nilla's"
Luke and James-"RACIST!!"
by KINGoftheNilla's March 09, 2012
counterpart for the word 'nigga' so you can stop saying it to your white friends. From the word vanilla.
'Tyrone, this is my 'nilla, Steve. Steve, this is my nigga Tyrone'

by frommissDtoyou February 09, 2010
Short for VAnilla...the best ice cream flavor...ever.
Man...that 'nilla shake kicked ass.
by Steve June 02, 2003
White ni**a!

A white dude who has proven his worth in the streets with all his associates even his African-American dawgs.

Earned not given.
Guy: "Dang that I wanna be just like that ill Nilla Mic-Nasty!"
Homie: "Bruh, soon, you just gotta get more street cred. my nilla"
by Thee Mic-Nasty July 23, 2014