horny. when you're feeling horny.
Damn, I'm niles as hell!
by tonkchump September 04, 2005
the coolest nigga to walk on earth
man niles is one cool ass nigga.
by yung wali April 08, 2015
Somone who is the most fucking swag person in the world he never gives up he's funny,cool, and most importantly SWAG.
LeBron James is so Niles
Kevin hart is really Niles
by SWAGIFY35 April 07, 2015
A gift from God, sent to the Earth to spread make man feel inadequate.
And on the 8th day, God created Niles, and he saw that it was good.
by Niles DiLux April 16, 2005
sex symbol, always referred to in contex of outside appeal or appearance
This nile character is so smooth
by swaggz91 February 10, 2011
To Nod And Smile
Girl: I Just Think We Need To Express Our Love And Totally Indulge In Eachothers Spiritual Being. I Mean Blah Blah Blah
Boy: (What Is She Talking About? Ok Man Just Nile An She Wont Even No The Difference.. Maybe Ill Even Get Laid!)
Girl:Blah Blah Blah
by StumpyCico November 11, 2009
(1) To flake out at the last minute on an event planned far in advance
(2) To flake in general
(3) To be a little bitch
Man, how could he pull a niles on us again?
Stop being a niles and hurry up already!
by DF9 November 13, 2007
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