another kickass local band out of AZ. Not as heavy as Rising Conviction but still fucking kickass. Great lyrics, and vocals backed by awesome music. 28 Pills, Greenlight, Used, and The Thrill of Giving Up, are 3 great tracks from this highly skilled, and highly revered local band. Their album "Burn the Moon" is in productuion and should be done soon.
On october 2, there is gonna be a kickass show with Nila and Rising Conviction.
by Reverend Sexy September 06, 2004
Top Definition
often referred to when talking about someone very sexy and awesome.
Adriana Lima is sooo Nila.
by Nila April 02, 2005
The finest of words. And most
versatile. Re: the entry for 'Shilat Cinese', saying "For swift and brutal rebuttals there is no word quite
like 'Nilas,'" is all very well but it misses its fantastic use as a
reassurance that no trouble has been experienced in doing someone a
Availing station: "Meruin, thank you so much for your help with that Elvis knowledge."
Meruin: "Nilas."
by Feel December 01, 2004
A shortened form of the word Vanilla.
(uneducated hoe at starfucks)-Mhmm lemme get a nila frap no whipp
by Pedro the Poet April 05, 2011
Epic fail. Also a Canadian poisonous wood.
Did you go hiking this weekend?
Yeah, and got a wicked rash from touching some nila on accident.
by milalani October 22, 2010
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