Oh, what a sweetheart. Nik is the amazing bassist of the amazing band The Strokes, coming from the big apple. Nikolai's quiet with a nice smile and a simple sense of humor. He doesn't seem to be quite so twisted as the rest of the Strokes. Don't get me wrong, I love the Strokes. But admit it - they are twisted. Yea, it's funny, but they're twisted :D. Anyway, you don't think of Nik as being funny, but if you watch the Strokes home vids on their website, or if you've seen In Transit, he's hilarious. I love Nikolai Fraiture!
Nikolai pretended to beat up Albert in the airport, actually stole his money (or something), and actually ran away. (That's from In Transit.)
Top Definition
Franco-Russian soft-haired and soft-spoken bassist for the Strokes. Often found in the background of photos and obscured by a lot of hair. Has great taste in literature and a heart of gold. Plays chess and Trivial Pursuit.
I met Nikolai Fraiture and we talked about how "Crime and Punishment" was actually inferior to "The Devils."
by Maria Varela November 15, 2003
bassist for the strokes. has great hair, a beautiful smile and excellent taste in just about everything. he may or may not be jesus.
nikolai fraiture gives good bass.
by n.s. January 04, 2004
The strokes bassist
- so cool
- hot stuff
- nice nice nice
yum yum yum
by STROKES_LOVER June 14, 2004
Nikolai Fraiture plays bass in the great band the Strokes. Most (female) Strokes fans squeal over Fabrizio or Julian, but some, more intellectual fans, are attracted to Nikolai. He has THE greatest smile ever (watch the Someday video), and is the least wild 'n' crazy of the band, but THAT'S WHY HE'S THE COOLEST!
"I have decided to keep my braces..."
"Dude, have you seen Nikolai Fraiture's teeth?"
by Pretty Good Lookin' Girl May 11, 2004
A beautiful and very polite young man who wnjoys playing the bass-guitar in the New York city band The Strokes. Nikolai does not enjoy talking.
Nikolai quietly peered at Julian from behind the shower curtain.
by Jade October 14, 2003
The most cutest, loveliest, sexiest, best bassist ever from the Strokes, with a daughter called Elysia, born in the summer of 2004. He is 6"2', cuts his own hair, and does not smoke. He is shy and that's what I love. I almost die because of his charm.
"We're pretty much taking all the songs that have worked the best in the past and we're using those and all of the new songs. In the short time that we've got to play them, we're trying to use what ones work the best." - Nikolai Fraiture
by MegguMe July 17, 2006
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