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soft filmy plastic shopping bags (aka; urban tumbleweeds)

here is one sure to be rejected, because it requires a bit of imagination!...

having developed a rigid system of 'control' for my rapidly growing collection of plastic shopping bags due to being terrified of being buried (AND suffocated!) under them, i 'hearkened' back to the 1950s'; where russian premier nikita kruschev once stated: "WE WILL BURY YOU"!!, referring to the russian/american situation. -ALMOST about as scary as amassing these bags and having them 'float' anywhere and everywhere!!
john had to get control of his nikita bags, he couldn't have one landing on top of the baby's HEAD!

the nikita bag got caught on john's corvette tailpipe and proceeded to melt and stink!

jim, the marine biologist reached into the tortoises' throat and pulled out a nikita bag

the guy who wrote the definition of nikita bags needs one held over his head for a few minutes!!
by michael foolsley September 05, 2011
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