A brand of shoe that is worn by everyone because of MJ. They are made by underpaid Indonesian children.
person 1-Wanna hear a joke?

person 2-Sure

person 1- How much does it cost for 4,000 children to make a pair of NIKE shoes?

person 2-I don't know.

person 1-NONE!!! ALL YOU NEED IS A WHIP!!!

Person 1 & 2- hahahahahahaha
by Ryan June 30, 2004
The shoe company that was made famous by Pre. not MJ. The shoes uses a waffel cone tech that gives it a light but very soft feel. Nike also makes the worlds best Running shoes.
hey thoes are the best shoes on the market. Are they nikes?
by Runner December 12, 2006
The Nike missile family was named for the mythical Greek goddess of victory. The Nike was the world's first operational guided anti-aircraft missile system. Planning for Nike was begun in 1945 at the Bell Telephone Laboratories, the same outfit that built the nation's long distance telephone system. The Nike missile system was deployed around all major US cities from 1959 to 1974.
The Nike-Ajax for the first generation missile system. The Nike-Herucles was the second generation system.
by Sam Stokes December 04, 2004
a break move in which you put on hand danw and one hand up with yer legs up in the air shaped like a 7
hey yo do the nike which mean do the break move the nike
by bbygril August 19, 2006
Pronunciation {nahyk}

A combination of the words nigger and kike
Harry is a fucking nike!
by Art- May 14, 2007
when you want someone to do something say 'nike' meaning just do it
'yo click on the link in my profile' 'no' 'NIKE!'
by melanie edelman January 08, 2003
What you say to someone who is being a pussy.When NIKE is said, you should automaticaly know "Just do it"
Kid's sitting there like a pussy with an egg in his hand, but he wont throw it.
Friend: Nike! God damn.
by JonnyC April 15, 2005
Pronunciation {nahyk}

A combination of the words nigger and kike
Rivka is a worthless nike.
by Aharon Cohen June 02, 2007

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