A brand of shoe that is worn by everyone because of MJ. They are made by underpaid Indonesian children.
person 1-Wanna hear a joke?

person 2-Sure

person 1- How much does it cost for 4,000 children to make a pair of NIKE shoes?

person 2-I don't know.

person 1-NONE!!! ALL YOU NEED IS A WHIP!!!

Person 1 & 2- hahahahahahaha
by Ryan June 30, 2004
Why the hell does everyone think, Nike is a shoe? Or a company. Or at least something that includes sports. This is not ok. "Nike" is an amazing name for amazing women. For those who are intelligent, cute and sexy at the same time, super smart and (add every good behavior one can have here). Never ask them if they ever dated an "adidas". Just don't.
"What's your name?"
-"No, Nike."
-"Like the shoes...?"
-"Well. Yes"
by Gregory_ftw August 08, 2012
Not to be pronouced as the shoe.
(Nigh k) A Nike a woman who acts all hood and whatnot when she actually comes from a generally wealthy background and knows nothing of the actual ghetto and it's dangers.
girl #1: Hey, you know that girl Shyra?

girl #2: unfortunately, what about her?

girl #1: She's a total Nike, she acts all ghetto, and i saw her leave school in a limo..

girl #2: ugh..Nikes are the ghetto equivalent to scene kids.
by Humorous Halucinogen. April 25, 2009
Named after the Ancient Greek Goddess, Athena Nike, the major footwear and athletic apparel company is one of the best available. They are also the sponsor of most College (NCAA) Football/Basketball Teams.
Person One: Woah, nice shoes!
Person Two: Yeah, they're my NIKE's
by Rutgersfan November 04, 2007
pronounced without the long E, as in Nike brand shoes.

a guy who is gay for one or more of his brothers.
Bailey: Did you see Walz today?

Julie: Yeah, he's sucha nike.
by BAILEYJULIE! February 07, 2010
A good sneaker...as in one who sneaks around a lot without getting caught.
Person 1: Damn that guy is a nike. He just stole that shirt without getting caught.

Person 2: A what???

Person 1:You know a Nike! a good sneaker my man!
by Escobar Cesar 100 January 06, 2010
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