really ill shoes but it sucks because they are in now so they're not cool anymore
"Yo I just got lime green and pink and purple and red nikes"
"ill! too bad they're in now"
by mealzmuffin September 24, 2007
To just do something, to take action into one's hands.
Guy 1 "Hey man, I don't think my demo's good enough to try and get public."

Guy 2 " Yo, man, just nike that shit!"
by Lady Devin August 31, 2011
to just do it
I niked a 45 on a math test.
by paul goldschmidt October 07, 2011
Nice kicks, real comfortable, real nice.

Mac Miller wrote a song about them (nikes on my feet)
1) I just bought some sweet new kicks

2) Mac: I got Nikes on my feet
by adambeast308 April 13, 2011
A category of women who are attracted to you, but are the type of women with whom you would not make any effort. Therefore, 'just do it'.
That nike is seriously into you even though you ignored her all night. Just do it.
by Uruz 713 May 22, 2011
1.A Girl That is known for a Tweaker, Slut or Hore.
2.Just do it to everybody
Hey Tymir did you see that girl we ran a train on,
Yea She a nike cus everbody just did it to her.
by Thekiddmir August 03, 2011
to use something for free and then run away from something without paying/doing something you werent supposed to do
Yo, I didn't bring any cash. Let's nike a cab/taxi.

Dude, Mike and I went to a restaurant yesterday but the bill was like 100 bucks so we just nike'd that shit.
by Brooklyn Head September 14, 2011
Why the hell does everyone think, Nike is a shoe? Or a company. Or at least something that includes sports. This is not ok. "Nike" is an amazing name for amazing women. For those who are intelligent, cute and sexy at the same time, super smart and (add every good behavior one can have here). Never ask them if they ever dated an "adidas". Just don't.
"What's your name?"
-"No, Nike."
-"Like the shoes...?"
-"Well. Yes"
by Gregory_ftw August 08, 2012

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