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pronunciation: nee-kah

1. Beautiful girl who is intelligent, smart, compassionate, and kind.

2. Person who is renown for being the greatest friend on the surface of the universe.

3. If the understanding of exponential beauty was not understood from previous clauses, then there should also be the additonal mention that a nika is sexy in every meaning of the word.
1. OH MAHN. I wish I had more nika in me.

2. I would most definitely need a nika right now.

3. Girl. You almost lookin' as fine as a nika. AL-MOST.

Origins: 1995, With both American and Cambodian roots <ni- meaning beautiful goddess and ka- meaning smiling affirmation>
by cfou-san December 11, 2011
87 29
A beautiful girl who loves to laugh and smile effortlessly. A girl who is weird and random. A girl with a perfect smile, perfect eyes, perfect body, perfect personality. Plus so much more.
by Travis Roche August 28, 2008
653 109
A cute little loli who likes to frequent GB forums.
Did you see Nika's new outfit? I loved the lace trimmings!
by pattyrisha March 16, 2008
83 158
N. A fat walrus-like creature that feeds off of small creatures and scum.

Adj. What someone is after they have a disgusting fail or is generally disgusting
"The wild nika usually hides in large caves" Said Johnny.

HA you're such a nika, I can't believe you ate the goats entrails.
by the one of all knowing stuffs December 15, 2009
74 237