The black version of the Nintendo Wii console.
Bob: I got the glossy black Wii console!

Tom: No dude, you got the Nii!
by Jeph Jacques December 05, 2006
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The sound that the Knights of Nii make in Monty Python and the Holy Grail
We are the Knights of Nii! Nii nii nii nii
by thereallucifernot November 10, 2010
(N.)A derivitive from the Japanese language. It is translated to be "Brother." or "Older-brother."
Nii, give me back my toy!
Nii, your the bestest brother a kid could have.
by BlackBlood Sky July 21, 2011
A stupid ass haitian name
"Stupid mom on drug while she in labor name nii"
by Christianpd March 26, 2013
N.I.I. is similar to the internet slang, l.o.l. (laugh out loud).

N.I.I. is an abbreviation for "not into it."

N.I.I. can be used to convey one's feelings around internet content or a blog post.
"Dude, did you see that pic of the vampire on my sister's website?"
"Yes, but I am n.i.i."
by Grandpa-J® December 16, 2009
Meaning: No! an explitive manor!!
Broke Stoner: Dude go to the store and buy some beer for us, but we dont have an money.
Rich Stoner: Nii!!!!!
by Ant C August 26, 2003

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