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used to describe something that is nowhere near fantastic. Preferably after a very long drawn out story.
my girlfriend called last nite and told me some nigtastic story about her day.
by broken.sound January 17, 2007
Something that is fantastic, but displays African qualities
Damn man, that chicken was Nigtastic.
by Alford James August 15, 2008
Anything that a nigger enjoys, but causes harm to the rest of the community.
My nigger of a co-worker didn't get her job done because she was busy making personal calls. That's just fuckin' nigtastic.
by nigger_lover November 21, 2011
A manner in which something is only fantastic to African Americans.
Damn, cuz...those shoes are nigtastic!
by shamanicguardian August 02, 2012
the opposite of fantastic
Getting a ticket for that nig pig was just nigtastic
by gunnartheqboy March 06, 2007
A word used to describe something gangster or pimp.
Those 34 inch rims are nigtastic!
by Kate Muck May 16, 2005
for something to be so amazingly awesome no other words can describe it.
thats just nigtastic!
by quigggers December 10, 2010

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