A term used to describe black people who act in a way that confirms all negative stereotypes about the African American Race. Black people who behave in a manner that is overtly reckless, noisy, stupid, obnoxious, lazy, defiant or argumentative.
Teacher: "To find the median, you first need to put the numbers in order, then find the middle number."

Black Student #1: "Uh-uh... don't be axin' me ta do dat! Dat be doin' too much. I aint finda do dat!"

Black Student #2: "Damn nigga, yo ass be ignant!

Teacher: "Actually, it is pronunced nig-no-rant! You are both nignorant!"
by P.oint O.f V.iew November 14, 2011
Top Definition
When a Black person thinks someone is being racist just because they do not get there way. All though there are still some racists NOT EVERYONE is being racist to you darkies *south park humor. if you odnt like it, then you can GET OUT!*
You are not being nignorant if a cab driver passes you and picks up a whitey, but you ARE being nignorant if you dont get a job that you want.
Hating white people for not getting your way, is truly keeping racism alive.
When a black person says "its cause im black" is nignorant.
by David schlotzky April 24, 2006
when somebody does something that supports a negative stereotype of black people
u had 13 packets of kool-aid today alone? come on dog...thats nignorant
by mc3yee October 31, 2010
When someone is being both real niggerish and ingnorant at the same time
Three 6 mafia is a real nignorant group i.e. smack the black off your ass
by Attal August 06, 2007
An ignorant nigger.
Nig + ignorant = Nignorant
My black friend Carlin is nignorant.
by Abraham Raymond May 05, 2006
When a black person acts obnoxious or ignorant, often in fits of joy, rage, or complete randomness. Physical signs of Nignorance include excessive yelling, gross movements of appendages, and jumping.
Hey man, Shorty's raving about the "White Devil". That's pretty Nignorant.
by Jay-Dee May 11, 2008
When some does or says something that only a nigger would do.
Eric was so nignorant he talked through the whole fucking movie.
by climbin January 27, 2011
A black person who is ignorant.. otherwise known as a nigger. Therefore it is Nignorant
Yo that nig got her lip peirced, she is so nignorant.
by Jackie Cee February 26, 2008
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