best damn movie on the face of this earth.
nightmare beofre christmas owns!!
by sofia January 31, 2004
The best movie ever starring Jack Skellington aka Bone Daddy. It has awesome animation and the characters like go to christmastown and kidnap the sandy claws. It has the best soundtrack ever!
Go watch The Nightmare Before Christmas right now.
by darkdreamer July 21, 2003
The best fucking movie EVER. Based off a poem by God himself, Tim Burton. Ruined by the Nightmare Revisited CD and all the crappy wanna-be emo-goths who have never seen the movie and only like it because it's "dark."

To those of us who have been watching our entire lives (when it was still on VHS) and love it for it's amazing singing, animation and everything else, THANK YOU.

(I admit, I own NBC merchandise)
Wanna-be: OMG I've NEVER seen NBC but I luhz it ne way!!!11one!!!

Me: Shut up before I beat you over the head with my Nightmare Before Christmas VHS.
by tooLazytoThink July 24, 2010
gay movie. the movie mecca for stupid goth kids who wear nothing but jack skellington shirts.
hey wanna go watch the nightmare before christmas?
no that movie blows, lets watch the godfather or resviour dogs
by j.d gallione July 01, 2006

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