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An act of a sexual nature usually performed after a steller date, involving the male punching the female in the face and proceding to deficate in her face just as she regains consciousness.
i gave her the wettest nightcap ever!
by Max February 22, 2005
30 172
a final drink before bed
I love having an irish coffee for my night cap
by ploop February 08, 2005
544 102
a drink (usually whisky/whiskey) taken at bedtime to aid a better sleep.
i'm a bit agitated i think i'll have nightcap
by Caleb Worsharski November 26, 2003
697 260
Sex (thinly veiled euphemism for)
"Would you care to come upstairs for a nightcap?"

Translation: "Am I getting laid tonight or not, lady?"
by Alexandra August 16, 2004
709 510
When you ask a girl to come up to your place to finish the night off with some sex
After we went to this bomb ass club on the southside, that bia couldn't deny me when I invited her up for a night cap
by youknow36 March 12, 2006
363 269
last drink of the night.
Last call, anyone up for a nightcap?
by Harm September 01, 2003
360 296
a alcoholic drink taken just before bedtime
I don't need a nightcap to get to sleep.
by The Return of Light Joker January 02, 2009
245 206
The second game of a double header in baseball.
Mario Impemba and Rod Allen did a stellar job of calling the Tigers 5-3 win over the Yankees in the night-cap.
by AdamMD2B August 30, 2006
27 16