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an event that occurs which essentially ruins the rest of the night, but it never brings the night to an end it just results in a night full of regrets

something that seems like a good decision at the time but looking back on it you ask yourself, what was running through my head that night?
OMG that shot is going to be the nightbreaker
by raphael pettigreu August 05, 2009
Noun: something that a person does to bring on humiliation, embarrassment and social awkwardness. This action or communication usually causes others around to laugh at that person.
Pablo: Take a shot of this.

John: (takes the shot, slams shot glass on the table). WOOOO!

Jennifer: (laughing at John's awkward exclamation). That was the nightbreaker!

John is now embarrassed.
by Regan San August 06, 2009
noun: a thing or event that transforms the night from a mediocre time to an awesome ripper.
"Dude take that shot of SoCo...its the nightbreaker!"
by vinnydoeshaka9 August 05, 2009
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