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When its late at night and you just don't care what your saying or doing and say anything off the top of your head to ANYONE.
Me:Omg he was so night drunk last night he blew chunks
Not me:Thats not too bad
Me:..chunks is my dog..
by Ashley.A February 26, 2007
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When night is upon certain mammals they begin to act as if they have become intoxicated, with or without alcohol.
"Last Night I asked that ugly chick, Larissa, to marry me. Damn, that was some Night-Drunkeness right thur!"
by TheNosebleedAvenger March 27, 2007
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The phenomenon in which an amount of alcohol when consumed after sundown has a much stronger effect than the same amount consumed during the daylight hours. Usually resulting in idiotic behavior and premature pass out, sometimes followed by a sleepwalking type state and urination in random places such as closets, the living room, on the cat, etc...
I can't believe how night drunk I got! Hey! Who the hell peed in the fridge??
by Chunk Style October 24, 2008
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