1. mispronunciation of "negro"

2. popular slang salution among young, urban black people (Yubbie's)

President Lyndon B. Johnson : "Mah feller Amurriconz, ah cum to you tahday with a heavy heart ... the niggro people have suffered too long ..."

Nigga A to Nigga B, when Nigga B is wearing blue contact lenses : "Niggro! That don't look right. Don't you know you gonna have to bleach your hair now too?"
by zxulo November 18, 2006
Top Definition
A term used when addressing a homie or dogg. It is often used by black people or people of dark skin. It can also be used when somebody of white or light skin speaks to another person of the same epidermic complexion in a mocking or humourous manner.
"hey niggro, wassup"
"nothin' nigga jus hangin"
by Marki G May 17, 2005
When African-Americans want to respect their heritage (Negro) but keep the street slang (Nigger) they are called a Niggro.
Black male: What up my Niggro?
Other Black Male: 'Sup Nigga?
by TeeHeeMaster55112 September 07, 2011
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