A phase used for a huge and obese black person like looks and acts like a gorilla. (Also see chewbacca)
Johnny: Do you see that thing infront of me, Jake? It keeps going on and on about how black he is.
Jake: Don't you know? Thats a niggorilla! It escaped from the Bronx Zoo. Damn, that the fifth time this week.
by MBA928 May 22, 2007
Top Definition
One of them bigger niggas, like 6'5, 250 pounds at least.
That dude from Green Mile is a goddamn niggorilla
by Malcolm Brown January 22, 2007
A huge ass true black man or woman who look like gorillas
Kimbo Slice is one big niggorilla!

Man lennox lewis is a huge niggorilla!
by UncleHarry July 24, 2008
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