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One of them bigger niggas, like 6'5, 250 pounds at least.
That dude from Green Mile is a goddamn niggorilla
by Malcolm Brown January 22, 2007
A phase used for a huge and obese black person like looks and acts like a gorilla. (Also see chewbacca)
Johnny: Do you see that thing infront of me, Jake? It keeps going on and on about how black he is.
Jake: Don't you know? Thats a niggorilla! It escaped from the Bronx Zoo. Damn, that the fifth time this week.
by MBA928 May 22, 2007
A huge ass true black man or woman who look like gorillas
Kimbo Slice is one big niggorilla!

Man lennox lewis is a huge niggorilla!
by UncleHarry July 24, 2008