Top Definition
A black male or female under the age of 10
ZerO: That little nigglett is really fast, look at him run from those cops. He cant be any taller than 4 foot.
by ZerO874 June 10, 2005
Niggletts 1. A Niggers little black welfare babys.

2.Slang Many small turds.
1. There go's Shamequa and her five little niggletts, driving that lexus on 22's to get her food stamps.

2. Excuse me I need to go drop the nigglets off at the pool.
(I.E. take a dump)
by bondo5000 June 27, 2006
A black midget of the male or female prospective. Very short, native, or of the black skinned race. Must be under 4 feet tall!
The nigglett Is of very short nature.
by Mcnasto April 15, 2008
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