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a small nigga whose thuggin that shit up y'all..
"Damn, that nigglet just stole my food (yea thats ittttt.)"
by mauyeahh April 23, 2008
A nigglet is a cross between a nigger and a twiglet. I.e a very tall and thin black person that smells of marmite.
That coon is such a nigglet
by Spadez8 February 22, 2007
A wannabe gangster
Someone who enjoys cocks and acts black because they enjoy being gay.
Also someone who is pre-gangster, or a elder gangster with a very small cock.
"Hey Bob, look at that nigglet stealing Grandma Jenkins pot 'o flowers"

"Holy shit! Is that a nigglet? Damn I'm glad I'm not one of those!"
by PurelySense March 02, 2009
the word for a black short person.
daymmmmm....he is such a nigglet.

wow. look at the nigglet over there.
by bomquisha January 24, 2008
People that are brown and know how to get down.
Amanda is such a little nigglet.
by TrackStar09 May 07, 2009
A word that everyone else is afraid to define except in utter seriousness, for fear of being branded a rascist, in total ignorance of the colloquial usage of the word, its characterization in popular culture, and the populations of people it is used most by.

used for a black female
Theres one of them nigglets
by asdffdasa June 17, 2007
a black midget, an african american man/woman who stands about 3 1/2 feet tall
what i just said, its plain enough, you nigglet
by skippy luvs 12:30 October 15, 2006