A below average sized African-American person
The nigglet next door
by The Kyle Bull October 20, 2009
a black child, usually under 6
look at the cute little nigglet
by TRAPTONE September 27, 2009
A nigglet is a cute LITTLE creature. A cross over

between a nigguh and a piglet. NIGGLET Very delicate yet loving creatures. They make the world go around.
NO stupid , its Nigglet.
by Ilovenigglets November 16, 2010
a small black person or nigger
Look at that fast little nigglet run.
by lackinator April 25, 2009
black baby pig :)
theres a nigglet running around my house
by Brie Love August 08, 2012
A child of mixed race, with one of the parents being african american, who has primarily taken on the looks, vocabulary and or behaviors of the black parent.
My brothers are my mom's lil nigglets
by madiheart August 21, 2009
1. A female African American.
1. Sarah is such a nigglet, apparently she doesn't understand that being from Egypt doesn't make you black.

2. CJ is the tightest nigglet on the face of the earth.
by oldschoolhero December 09, 2009

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