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an african-american toddler
Hey look at that nigglet running in the classroom!
by heyyyyy<3 August 08, 2010
4 3
A bunch of nigglets been hanging around that corner, it's makin me nervous Cooter.
by dingosaur December 17, 2011
1 1
(noun) a small nigger or a nigger who has either been made physically smaller or has had his self esteem diminished, (verb) niggleting the act of making a nigger smaller by diminishing his self esteem or actually crushing him.

(plural) nigglets more then one nigglet.

(past tense) niggleted the past tense form of the the verb niggleting
(noun) I went to Compton and saw a nigglet
(verb) I just schooled this 6'2 black man in basketball to which my friend Exclaimed "Damn son you just were niggleting!"
(plural) At the Little People of America National Convention LPANC I so many nigglets
(past tense) Remember when I niggleted that fool in basketball?
by two_Godly131 January 15, 2011
3 3
Someone who is a Hurricane Katrina victum/survivor and required FEMA money in order to survive in Texas; a tiny African-American kid.

Also please be advised, Nigglets tend to attack local Texans for no reason.
1.Many people residing in Texas who are bad at school and make up wierd scentences. ex)

Kobe: Oh Mrs. teacher, I can go to da bathroom?
teacher: Actually it is said "May I go to the bathroom", and no you may not... nigglet
Kobe: ah man, I just wanna Rap.

2.A high school hustler.
by StankySam January 07, 2007
15 15
young nigger under the age of 13.
Vontay: My brother is a fuckin nigglet.

Montay: Fo sho.
by Pippy January 15, 2013
0 1
a very black digglet
oh snap ash did you see that nigglet it jacked my tv
by lazycake October 31, 2010
3 4
An infant or very young black person
"Man, lookit that nigglet over there. Let's get it!"
by Iamblackdontgetangry March 12, 2010
3 4