a small black person
Dang yo. That lil nigglet looks just like its dad.
by Phil uh April 28, 2008
A white person
Man:hey my nigga
Girl:but he white
Man : o yeah hey nigglet
by chirst February 26, 2015
A black Pokemon!
Marcus, you're such a fucking nigglet
by Tachi0515 September 18, 2014
young nigger under the age of 13.
Vontay: My brother is a fuckin nigglet.

Montay: Fo sho.
by Pippy January 15, 2013
a very black digglet
oh snap ash did you see that nigglet it jacked my tv
by lazycake October 31, 2010
an african-american toddler
Hey look at that nigglet running in the classroom!
by heyyyyy<3 August 08, 2010
A below average sized African-American person
The nigglet next door
by The Kyle Bull October 20, 2009

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