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Niggish- to be done in a nigger like way.
To put spinners on your grandmas caddy

-Hey that fag took my wallet!
-Well that was niggish.
by WHOOOO HOOO! September 19, 2005
an expression, action, or appearance of a nigger.
"Wow that white guy is wear baby blue, thats pretty niggish."
#nigger #gay #homosexual #black #emo
by Dead September 22, 2005
in a nigger like way
that was niggish you cotton picker!
by mc March 28, 2005
Something in which a nigger would own or do.
Did you see that Impala with the 40" rims? That's so niggish!

Wtf, stealing and selling your grandma's meds? Man, that's really niggish.
#nigger #nig #retard #stupid #unappealing
by ThatOneGuyIV October 23, 2008
Niggish (adj.)- Of or pertaining to the African- American culture, usually in terms of media, language, fashion, and demeanor.
Yo man those chains be niggish as hell", "Fuck this movie, throw on somethin niggish"
#gangstah #hood #g #(white) #(whack)
by DJScottyC April 27, 2011
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