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A little nigga. Ages from 7 to 13 commonly.
Yo niggie get your phat ass over here and do dem dishes.
by Urban Dictionary February 02, 2004
248 116
The word niggie is afrikaans for "cousin"
also used to describe scipio afrikkanus, or conqueror of afrika.
also used for little black people, that like puerto rican chicks.
niggie wil jy sommige salf?
-- Cousin, would you like some ointment?

Scipio afrikaanus was a niggie that conquered afrika.

Raashad that niggie was sippin on Yolanda.
by Yo Madre HOLAA November 12, 2009
85 23
A derogatory term for a mixture of a black person and a hippie.
Man, that niggie's got some long hair.
by VenAvet January 03, 2012
13 12
Nickname used for someone who is close to you.
What's up niggie!?
by UnorthodoxOne June 27, 2009
39 43
(noun) A young African American person, usually having an afro in various sizes.

Also used as a slang word between peoples of the African American Descent.
"Dat kids a niggie"
"DAYUM NIGGIE! gimeh dem wahfuls."
56 60
A nigga in literal meaning but more specifically a nigga who has done something niggerish.Used after a black person has performed soemthing fitting to the stereotype of black people. However, it can only be used such as nigga in that it can only be used by the black community and those others accepted by the black community as individuals.
Hey! Give me back my chicken snacker Niggie!
by IDEALS April 23, 2007
26 34
an unemployed, underage drunk that lives on their friends couch or stays in their home,eats an drinks on others money.
look at all my beer Tim drank that niggie is still passed out on my couch.
by devious_poptart January 03, 2010
13 24