A hilarious spin on the popular 'Transformer' "Megatron" that can either be used as 1) a racial slur or 2) a joke amongst friends that isn't (or is) meant to be offensive.
Niggertron, after a long day's work out in the cotton field, liked to enter his home and enjoy a beer with his good friend Blacktimus Prime.
by Blacktimus Himself February 24, 2009
Top Definition
The Niggertron is an advanced piece of social engineering technology. It is a machine that consists of a chamber, that can contain a man, and a separate fuel chamber.

A white man enters the chamber and the transformation begins after adding 2 bananas to the fuel chamber. In a blinding flash......out walks a transformed nigger.

Prod the nigger back into the chamber with a stick and add another 2 bananas. In a blinding flash......out walks a transformed chimpanzee.

No bananas were harmed in the development and operation of this transformative technology.

Niggertron Industries is an equal opportunity employer.
The Niggertron is a green appliance that is predicted to be in every modern home next decade. Presidential approval pending.
by amulet_1972 March 07, 2009
Any African American who is proficient in technical or computer skills
John: Hey Jim, how'd you pass your computer skills class?
Jim: Tyrone from second period helped me out, he's such a niggertron!
by J. Bretton October 19, 2007
A black man that is a robot or robot like/ almost like a transformer
That niggertron just stole my bike!
by Niggertron July 12, 2006
Truck by day, and a bunch of running niggers by night
That black guy is a strong and sexy niggertron
by Dick blowing whore June 29, 2016
Truck by day, transforms into a bunch of running niggers chasing you by night.
The bank robber was stopped when Niggertron chased his ass down.
by Jarson July 12, 2016
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