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Used to describe internet that is below standards.
Beware, UW-Platteville has niggernet!
by Smaugalation Sensation April 20, 2005
77 32

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A term used for people with dial up or other slow forms of internet.
Tom is lagging really bad therefor he has nigger net.
by Technomansir February 16, 2008
83 25
AOL, but only if you use it in the dial-up form.
This goddamn niggernet is so slow I gotta wait 2 days to watch one video.
by Couterific August 20, 2007
31 10
1. Internet that is stolen from another house
2. Slang for a bad internet connection
1. Jamalle just hooked up his nigger-net with a coat wire
2. Mike your facebook chat sucks. It must be that damn nigger-net
by Black Dynomite 13 July 08, 2010
19 2
this is connors internet
my fuckin niggernet isnt working
by cyke April 07, 2008
15 17