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An African-American themed amusment park that was to be built in New Orleans. Unfortunately, Hurrican Katrina has left the parks future unknown. The original design featured a fountain of grape soda at the center of the park. There will be several areas of the park, such as "gangstas & hos land", "massive lip land", "fried Chicken land" and soforth. other features include Jigaboo: the amazing porch monkey, deep south bumper cars (in which you drive your car while trying to avoid the cops and the klan. There is also the famous Cottonland, were people can actually experience the life of an african slave, picking cotton from sunrise to sunset. there are also several famous rides, such as the lyncher, the rollernigger, the welfare-go-round, the lipsmacker, the slavewhip, and of course, the South Carolina experience. There will also be several games, such as pin the lips on the nigger, shoot the coon, the ring toss (only instead of throwing rings, you throw a coon doll into a small noose around a miniature tree.), and burn the cross.
"Mommy, can we go to Niggerland this weekend?"
"Alright hon, but we ain't goin on the lyncher. you were stuck in that tree for hours last time."

"Ah, niggerland! the one place in the world were it's still acceptable to hang a nigger from a tree!"
by Captain Communism July 20, 2006
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