A psychological disease where a non-nigger aquires niggerlike attributes.

These include, but are not limited to the following:

laziness, poverty, stupidity, uncleanliness, huge lips, stupidity, afros, HIV, laziness, cockyness, sickle cell anemia, stupidity, huge lips, cockyness, glocks and knives, nappy hair, stupidity, bling, laziness, marrijuana addictions, being enslaved (lol), afros, listening to snoop dogg, laziness, cockyness, addiction to fried chicken and watermelon, emitting an awful odor, laziness, an/or being in prison.
mom: Sorry kids, we can't eat tonight...

child: Why??

mom: Because your dad has niggeritus.

child: wtf?

mom: He was too lazy to shower this morning so he got fired from his job and now we are poor. Instead of looking for a new job he tried to pull a glock on a convenient store clerk. Now he's doing 20 years getting fucked in the ass by a real nigger.

child: I guess he does have a little nigger in him after all lol...

mom: yeah lol....niggers...
by juckethater August 27, 2006
Top Definition
A sense of feeling sleepy after eating a lot of food.
"Yo man, I went to a buffet at lunch today, I had niggeritus in last period."
by bijanx May 30, 2006
A feeling of extreme lazyness and tiredness after burning some haze and munchying on loads of crave cases at white castle.
g dog:Yo man i got that -itus
loc : what itus?
g dog: that niggeritus moron!
by L . Bunny August 26, 2007
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