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Kids of african decent. Little mullys. or, small black candies that tase good.
Those niggerbabies ate all the KFC! or, Hey that niggerbabie is riding my bike! or, mmmmmmm these niggerbabies taste good.
by Jihad Steve August 24, 2006
57 52
An ugly ass baby from some nigger.
Day care facilities in Detroit are completely made up of nigger babys.
by Porch Monkey 4 Life September 07, 2006
1599 594
An old saying for a small black licorice candy.
That is a nasty nigger baby!!!
Jan threw the nigger baby in the fire cause nobody wanted it.
by Jon Jacob April 04, 2006
922 454
Small chocolate candies made from a humanoid-shaped
mold that gave the treats their baby-like appearance.
Typically sold in bulk for a penny-a-piece, they were
renamed "Chocolate Babies" in the 1960s and were
eventually sold in a box.
"Nigger babies were a penny a pop back in 1962," Joe's father told us.
by Tummy AuGratin March 05, 2006
563 201
Black licorice flavoured candies formed in the shape of a small person with their arms down at their side. They are approximately 2" tall by 1/2" wide & thick. Nigger Babies were sold as such for decades, until the later 1980's-mid 1990's when their name was changed to Licorice Babies to avoid derrogatory racial use of the word Nigger being ingrained in children's vocabulary as acceptable.
In the 1960's Nigger Babies were two for a penny. (one cent) Can you believe they're a nickel (5 cents) each now?
by Richard June 17, 2006
509 184
In the 1800s, used to refer to a cannonball.
Launch a nigger baby at dem yonder unions over der.
by Isaac Cady March 05, 2007
533 284
A small child usually used to obtain votes in a presidental campaign.
On kissing a nigger baby:

Bill Clinton: "Come here, you little nigger baby!" (muaaah)
George W. Bush: "Eeeeewww!"
by Jon Goodrum February 01, 2007
431 215
another word for a shit
i need to go to have a nigger baby *heading towards the toilet*
by joepoww November 04, 2008
392 212