the amount of power expelled by a black person running away after stealing your bike
That guy produced enough niggawatts to power a small city.
by stretch von stretch December 07, 2007
Top Definition
the street standard for judging the bass power level output of the the stereo system in a black mans car.
Man How many niggawatts do it take to get dat car to bump
by S.Bennett February 03, 2006
A corruption of jigawatt intended to indicate a quantity of energy approximately equal to the normal daily amount of work performed by an american black.
The amount of niggawatts being used to repair New Orleans is insufficient for long-term goals. The application of more nigawatts will be necessary if the city is to be rebuilt.
by Robert Bopkin September 02, 2005
The unit by which the amount of electricity used by the stolen electronics in a black person's house is measured.
"Darnell's stolen fridge be usin 3 niggawatts"
by Darnell June 19, 2006
A unit of measurement used in the 1800's.
1 niggawatt is equil to the amount of energy used by the average black man to pick 10 metres squared of cotton.
"It took 15Niggawatts to pick his cotton"
by iBudz January 14, 2010
Unit used to describe the amount of slaves used. "Slave Power" so to speak.
"Check out my farm, i've got 17 niggawatts going here."
"Yeah well I've got 23.5 niggawatts"
by Stuey_Hannon July 23, 2008
the average amount of energy required to cook a chicken of average weight. 1nigga watt (NW) = 10^5.835455926 watts
"Yo, the electric bill to popeyes be measured in nigga-watts."
by the great cn October 22, 2011

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