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A term derived from the idea that being called "nigga" is a good thing, meaning that something is good, or exceptional
Sterling: Dude, check out my chain!
Justin: Dude, that's so niggatastic!!
by D.Beans October 18, 2007
•a "nigga" who is fantastic.

•something that a "nigga" would do, it being, fantastic
•yeah bro. that movie was nigga-tastic
by kaylakayla52 May 16, 2009
the whitest word on the planet
rachel: "this shit is gonna be niggatastic!"

whole world: *looks away in disgust*
by californiadave July 10, 2008
golden shoes or pants.
them shoes es niggatastic
by ronald ralfmao October 20, 2007
means ausome or great
those shoes are niggatastic!
by who cares??? November 15, 2005