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A term derived from the idea that being called "nigga" is a good thing, meaning that something is good, or exceptional
Sterling: Dude, check out my chain!
Justin: Dude, that's so niggatastic!!
by D.Beans October 18, 2007
25 6
•a "nigga" who is fantastic.

•something that a "nigga" would do, it being, fantastic
•yeah bro. that movie was nigga-tastic
by kaylakayla52 May 16, 2009
3 0
the whitest word on the planet
rachel: "this shit is gonna be niggatastic!"

whole world: *looks away in disgust*
by californiadave July 10, 2008
13 11
golden shoes or pants.
them shoes es niggatastic
by ronald ralfmao October 20, 2007
5 10
means ausome or great
those shoes are niggatastic!
by who cares??? November 15, 2005
2 7