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Game played with a stick, a car, and some insane friends
You drive down Martin Luther King blvd and take turns throwing the stick at black pedestrians when you throw you yell NIGGASTICK!!! If you hit the black person your friend has to go get the stick and run back to the car. If you miss you have to go.
Hey Kurtis were bored wanna go play some Niggastick?
by Diclonius June 22, 2009
a cane that a african american pimp uses to get around or a black penis
dude get that niggastick out my face bfo i cut you
by chanchomontana July 04, 2008
A Lacrosse stick in which is strung as if you are black. Preferably strung with only Nylon strings and all black with the occasional neon green.
LAX Bro one: "He brah check out this chill stringjob!"
LAX bro two: "Bro WTH is up with that"
LAX Bro three: "Brah chill, its a Nigga Stick"
by LAXBrah13 February 13, 2012
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