Mild Sauce u get from restaurants...white people dont know what it is therefore it is Nigga Sauce
"I can I get a side of nigga sauce"
"Ima tell my momma that this is nigga sauce and she wont get it cause she dad black tho he know about this nigga sauce!"
by KayJayGee September 02, 2008
Top Definition
A term combining a racial term and a food product to demonstrate someone's coolness or ease to get along with. Simmilar to bro or homeslice.
What's happenin', niggasauce?
by Rams February 24, 2005
a niggas cum,jizz,or crisco
yo na-na depaul nigga sauced all on me
by nivet December 31, 2008
Sauce of a nigga. Sometimes referred as cheese, or chedda
Origin: streets of Valley Stream, New York.
I got that nigga sauuuuuce. ye biatch.
by J Jizzle January 13, 2005
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