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no one knows what it means, but it's provocative and gets people going
got my niggas in paris and they going gorillas
by cashscrilla November 18, 2011
v./n. : When a group of african americans gangbang Paris Hilton
guy 1: "Hey is Paris hilton going to make another sex tape?"
guy 2: "Yea, this time there's going to be niggas in Paris."
guy 1: "Cool, i'll listen to watch the throne while i watch it."
by GIZMOE!!! December 30, 2011
A song made by a dude with huge lips and another with a huge ego... ask Beyonce. But nevertheless extremely talented niggas... Also, they are constantly hated on because of their association with secret societies.
"Flow so hard motherfuckers wanna fine me, But first they gotta find me, What's 50 million to a nigga like myself could you please remind me?"

Crazy-ass line from "Niggas in Paris"..

2) Dude 1: Oh my gosh, did you just see Jay Z flash the camera the all-seeing eye?

Dude 2: Nope, I was too busy wondering if those lips are even possible...

3) Dude 1: Lord have mercy, did you just see Kanye West's Power music video? It's a field of freemasonic art!!

Dude 2: Nope, I was too busy watching him writhe on the ground expressing the hunger in his stomach because he missed supper...
by Loki-T January 17, 2012