Top Definition
acting like a black person
yo milan patel, stop acting so niggarish
by i heart black people February 22, 2006
1.To take the easy way out or do nothing at all
2. To be lazy and/or not work or contribute to society; to be niggar
May: that bitch don't even got a job

Matt: fucking niggarish
by MattyfromAZ November 28, 2007
An adjective to describe something of black colour

Description of someone that wears black

Sometimes known as black as a black mans cape, blacki(black paki), koonish(a black irish man that has a strange temptation to own a pot of gold and skip over a rainbow
A:That guy is so black, he's niggarish!
B:Lol, yeah!
by scottysullivan October 04, 2006

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