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To repair or fashion something in a less than professional manner using the absolute bare minimum amount of effort and ingenuity.
I niggarigged my car's broken antenna with a coat hanger and stuffed a rag in the gas tank hole 'cuz someone stole my cap.
by Flaming Meaux April 11, 2006
64 30
Half assed way of fixing something that is busted. Often involving duct tape or whatever your broke ass has layin around the house.
That fool nigga rigged his muffler with a coat hanger around the tail pipe.
by 420josh September 30, 2007
59 6
A very poor or crude way of installing something or putting something together. The word is typically refering to a system, or car stereo application.
"Ayo i heard you got a fattie system dog."
"Ye-uh but i havent put that shit in yet."
"Yo i can hook that shit up."
"nah man im gonna take it to best buy, i dont wanna get that shit nigga rigged, ya heard?"
by u-god January 18, 2007
55 11
Trying to fix something in a manner that is not it's proper way. Such as using tape to hold a door together...

...Usually used by Texans like Glen the "DarkAzrealian" ...
My headphones broke, so I nigga-rigged them back to working condition with a paper clip
by H Zula February 05, 2005
54 19
To set up an object in a unconventional way :aka (black folks)
Ray- Ray niggarigged mama's car so that u have to pull a string to start it.
by Deez March 29, 2004
47 26