Niggardly is an adjective to describe a person who wont lend you a dime, even if you need it to live. Miserly.
Wow, my niggardly best friend wouldn't give me $350 even though he has thousands, and no bills.
by coreytheguy April 22, 2011
When trying to type "nigga" on a cell phone, the cell phone's spell-check will usually change it to niggardly, therefore you end up with a confusing text message.
1] Yo where you at nigga?
**Spell check changes word to niggardly**
*Before you can realize, you press send*

Second person receives text saying; "Yo where you at niggardly?"

Communication is hindered.
by Real Name No Gimmicks November 06, 2010
Word that will get you beat up, even though there's no racial meaning.
I told a stingy and miserly African-American co-worker who refuses to donate to charity that he shouldn't be so niggardly and then he beat me up because he was too ignorant to know the meaning of the word.
by Orange County California February 01, 2015
(1.) A person who is begrudgingly tight or stingy with money. (2.) A brotha who don't share his weed.
Darnelle holds out and be stingy with the weed. He be niggardly.
by Samuel L. Davis August 27, 2013
When someone is so completely ignorant that they feel they do not have to contribute to anything that benefits themselves, this may be financially, time, or any other means of contribution. commonly used to mean cheap
Marco Ranzi is niggardly when it comes to purchasing groceries for the apartment, even though he eats all his roommates food.
by Honest but True October 08, 2010
To do something the way a black person would do.
"C'mon man, you stole my money so niggardly. "
"Paul's walk was so niggardly, you would think he was a black man at heart. "
by Jgfvjyfgbnj December 16, 2015
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