Its the word that pops up on spell check when I type nigga
Duh nigga! *did you mean niggardly*
by fr.ugu April 05, 2015
Someone who is ignorant, arrogant and petty. This sort of person also seems to lack the largess to be objective as well and tends to argue even the most evident of facts.

John is so niggardly that you may as well argue with a chicken!
Jack is so niggardly that you may as well go argue with a chicken!

Debbie is such a niggard, she is a real fool.
by da kike November 12, 2010
The act of performing an action in a nigger like fashion
Adam hit that joint quite niggardly
by Snowgoon465 February 14, 2011
of or pertaining to the actions similar of a nigga
Eating a bucket of KFC chicken then washing it down with some Kool Aid is a very niggardly thing for you to do
by jpnu April 21, 2011
Something very black like or 'gangsta' thing to do, not to be associated with the correct term of a 'nigard' someone who is stingy (non racial context). A niggardly action is more of a compliment a reference to something funny or 'G'.
What a niggardly break dance move...
by Schamalan March 14, 2011
a way to address your homies or friends that are not black but sure do act like it.
Yo niggardly what up?

Yeah my niggardly D4 was like aye yo baby wassup.
by benwindu February 17, 2010
While "nigger" or "niggar" for the niggers,is meant not as a root word,but as a comparison,some people find this word racist.It means to be cheap and/or steal what you can't afford and blame others who actually work for a living to be the cause of your woes.
Robin had 20 bucks,but she stole the shirt niggardly to prove she could.
by Nasty Mcdirty August 10, 2006
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