This word means Stingy or Scanty.... no joking it's a real word
why do most blacks act so niggardly
by Briglia55 February 02, 2007
Top Definition
word that will get u fired...even though it doesn't mean anything offensive
I said niggardly and then i had to apologize...because my boss doesn't have a strong grasp of the english language
by johnstamos69 April 28, 2005
the true definition: to be cheap
You're so niggardly when it comes to buying expensive art.
by Chandlers' friend Lexy January 28, 2005
An from old Norse "hnøgger", which means "miserly", "stingy". Despite its similarity to the offensive term "nigger", the two words are not related in any way. Stop jumping to conclusions and open the dictionary.
English buff- "Boy that gentleman at the picnic sure was niggardly."

Ignoramus- "You said "picnic" and "niggerly"! Racist!"

English Buff- "*Sigh*! "Picnic" is from a French word that refers to what we'd call a pot luck, and "niggardly" is from an old Norse word that means "stingy". They have nothing to do with race!"

Ignoramus- "Racist!"

English Buff- "*Sigh*..."
by Lorelili September 20, 2007
1. To be cheap, have restraint or use with moderation. Has nothing to do with the racial slur, nigger.
a) Because Katie and Mike were saving to buy a house, their weekly food budget was "niggardly" spent at the grocery store.

b) Kashonda spent her entire welfare check on hair extensions, a dime of crack, a manicure and 48 packages of ramen noodles for her 3 children. It could be said that her welfare check was spent "niggerly".
by markwonder June 21, 2009
Not racist at all.
It means cheap or reluctaant to give.
Tom is a niggardly person;he gave me a toothbrush on my birthday.
by Joquandra February 16, 2011
iphone mis-spell of 'nigga'
trying to text a homie....

yo nigga

iphone fixes it to..

yo niggardly
by lolzreet July 28, 2010
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